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The 3Rs InfoHub guides you towards the best approaches intended to replace, reduce or refine animal testing.

Get started with your topic of interest, listen to the StudentCast 3Rs on Ending Animal Experiments, test your knowledge in the 3Rs quiz or meet the team.

What about the icons?

Icon-Structure new

Icon-Structure new

The icons are designed to structure the 3Rs Info Hub.

  • The upper right shows the subtopic. 

in vitro | on-a-chip | in chemico | in silico | in vivo | other         -     lightbulb = course

  • The lower right informs about the difficulty.  

for beginners | intermediate users | experts

  • The center depicts the type of content.  

video | article | webpage | discussion | presentation

  • The color indicates the R.  

replacement | reduction | refinement                                               -     exception: red = course