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The 3Rs InfoHub guides you towards the best approaches intended to replace, reduce or refine animal testing.

Get started with your topic of interest, listen to the StudentCast 3Rs on Ending Animal Experiments, test your knowledge in the 3Rs quiz or meet the team.

What about the icons?


Each linked medium on the 3Rs InfoHub is combined with one special icon to enable you to get an overview easier and find your media of interest faster.

Below you can find the explanations for the different icon parts.


The background color of the icons shows you the focussed R  -  find a replacement method with green background, a approach to reduce animal use with blue background and something about refinement in animal testing with orange background!


The linked media are videos, podcasts, articles or websites

-  with this icons you are able to choose beforehand your medium of interest.

Level of Difficulty

Which information level do you need?

Media with level 1 provide information for elementary users, media with level 2 are suitable for intermediate users and media with level 3 for advanced users.


The small icons reveal the focus of the medium  -  is the focussed topic an in vitro method or is it in silico, in chemico, in vivo, an organ on a chip or are several topics discussed?...


...Now you know everything about the logos. Have a good and informative time at 3Rs InfoHub!