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Our team is key to achieve the goal of the 3Rs Info Hub: Make the best 3Rs methods readily available to students and scientists.

We are passionate about the promotion of human cell-based methods and refined animal tests. The 3Rs Info Hub brings together our expertise in veterinary medicines, pharmacy, drug development, graphics design and database development.

Vivian Kral and Christian Zoschke founded the 3Rs Info Hub in 2020. Thanks to the innovative concept and the inclusive leadership of the team, the 3Rs Info Hub has been attracting international, young professionals, all dedicated to top performance. If you feel eligible to create additional value in making 3Rs methods available, please contact us. Our team currently includes:

Vivian Kral

Vivian is a licensed veterinarian and devoted to the 3Rs since her doctoral thesis, in which she investigated cell-based methods for embryotoxicity testing. As a post-doc, she organized 3Rs training courses (invitrotrain) and was coordinator of AXLR8 (Accelerating the transition to a toxicity pathway-based paradigm for chemical safety assessment through internationally coordinated research and technology development). Since 2014 she is coordinator of the Berlin-Brandenburg Research Platform BB3R with Integrated Research Training Group "Innovations in 3R Research - Genetic Engineering, Tissue Engineering and Bioinformatics”. She has developed several e-learning scenarios, including the "puzzles platform" for pharmacy students, which was the basis for the development of the 3Rs quiz. She was awarded the Prize of the State of Berlin for the Promotion of Alternative and Complementary Methods for Animal Experimentation in Teaching and Training for her concept of a seminar series on alternative methods to animal experimentation

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Christian Zoschke

Christian Zoschke obtained his venia legendi for pharmacology and toxicology from Freie Universität Berlin, by which he was also awarded a PhD. His research focuses on the development of in vitro models to assess the potency of investigational new anticancer drugs. Christian was awarded the Heinz Maurer award for research in dermatology, the best PhD thesis award by the German Pharmaceutical Society (DPhG Berlin-Brandenburg), and a doctoral scholarship by the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes. He was also selected for the shortlist of Deutscher Studienpreis by the Körber Stiftung. The pharmacy students honored him three times with the award for excellence in teaching.

more information: www.bcp.fu-berlin.de/zoschke

Aseel Alsarahni

Aseel Alsarahni holds a B.Sc. in pharmacy and a masters degree in pharmaceutical sciences from the University of Jordan. Before moving to Germany, she worked as a pharmacist and research assistant in pharmaceutical chemistry. While working on her master thesis on the phototoxicity of tattoo pigments (joint project of Freie Universität Berlin and the German Federal Insitute for Risk Assessment), Aseel did an internship at the Institute of Pharmacy at the University of Marburg about the dermal penetration of lipid nanoparticles. She has a passion for learning everything about skin models and animal-free research.

Neele Dietrich

Neele Dietrich graduated in pharmacy as best in class (valedictorian). She joined the 3Rs Info Hub because she is passionate about pharmacology and toxicology and wants to help ensure that the possibilities of Reduction, Replacement and Refinement are highlighted and taught. Apart from university, she gained her first experience in the field of 3Rs during her internship at the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment. Here she worked on the establishment of an in vitro assay for the detection of histone modifications in living cells. This made her realize once again how difficult it is to develop alternative methods and how important it is to focus attention on this.

Neda Rajaeean

Neda Rajaeean studied game design before absolving her pharmacy studies and uses her manifold skills in work on the 3Rs InfoHub content and especially on the website design. She is keen to foster the 3Rs InfoHub and it’s scientific vision.

Johanna Richter

Johanna Richter is a pharmacist in Germany. After she had to make the difficult decision of wether to study pharmacy or media IT (and science was more catchy), she is now happy to combine both in developing and supporting interactive e-learning projects, especially on the 3Rs InfoHub. If it is with customers in the pharmacy or while mentoring an internship she loves to transfer useful knowledge and in this spirit she is convinced that the 3Rs InfoHub might improve more efficient and ethical drug development.

Dmitri Stepanov

Dmitri Stepanov, a pharmacist by training switched towards data science during his PhD studies. His work is industry-driven and result-oriented. He was involved in several 3Rs-relevant projects, including in-silico skin permeation and antibiofilm activity modelling. He is also the core developer and maintainer of the huskinDB- human skin permeation database. At the end of his PhD study, his work was focused on the development of a deep learning computer vision workflow for automatic segmentation and classification of all tubular structures visible in the medical whole slide images of rat kidneys.