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Course 1 - Mini brains and Brain-on-a-chip

Course 1 focuses on brain anatomy, how to produce mini brains and brain-on-a-chip.


Level: Beginner / Duration: 25 minutes

Course 2 - iPSCs, myelination and more

Course 2 explains iPSCs and presents different 3R techniques and methods that are used for modeling neurological diseases and brain research. 


Level: Intermediate / Duration: 95 minutes + Quiz



Course 2a - Stem cells                                      Course 2b - In vitro methods                                   Course 2c - Myelination

Duration: 25 minutes + Quiz                              Duration: 28 minutes + Quiz                                       Duration: 42 minutes + Quiz


Course 3 - Neurological diseases and alternative methods

Course 3 provides a deeper look into the use of iPSCs, for example applied on diseases like Schizophrenia, Autism and Epilepsy, and shows other 3R approaches in neurology.

Level: Advanced / Duration: 100 minutes + Quiz