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Dr. Vivian Kral

Institute of Pharmacy

Freie Universität Berlin

Vivian is a licensed veterinarian and devoted to the 3Rs since her doctoral thesis, in which she investigated cell-based methods for embryotoxicity testing. As a post-doc, she organized 3Rs training courses (invitrotrain) and was coordinator of AXLR8 (Accelerating the transition to a toxicity pathway-based paradigm for chemical safety assessment through internationally coordinated research and technology development). Since 2014 she is coordinator of the Berlin-Brandenburg Research Platform BB3R with Integrated Research Training Group "Innovations in 3R Research - Genetic Engineering, Tissue Engineering and Bioinformatics”.

She has developed several e-learning scenarios, including the "puzzles platform" for pharmacy students, which was the basis for the development of the 3Rs quiz.

She was awarded the Prize of the State of Berlin for the Promotion of Alternative and Complementary Methods for Animal Experimentation in Teaching and Training for her concept of a seminar series on alternative methods to animal experimentation

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